Grapple changes

The hook as it is is overpowered. The last couple days your team has all the vehicles and wins or your jacked out of everything you get. To me this seems like the go to now for big team not sticking. Grapple jacking for the win.

I have had the opposite experience. I feel like the hook needs the range extended just that little bit. So many times I have tried to hijack a Wasp or two that is obliterating our team and it just won’t reach. And these feel extremely close as well and it still doesn’t reach.

I find that majority of the time, in the games I have played, that people just get destroyed before they can hijack because it’s such a high risk, out in the open play to hook someone.

Interested to see how others feel about it.


I think you’ve just been having a bad time, I can’t say that I’ve had any troubles with the Grapple Hook. Honestly if someone tries to grapple your vehicle, you can just jump out and rehijack it yourself.

Lol I wouldn’t play this game again if they did that. Shorten the range I would go for.

No been loving it when I am not playing big team CTF just that’s just a yoink fest now

I guess our experiences are just that vast, because even in BTB I don’t have any issues with it.

Yeah I haven’t had any issues like that with BTB either.

Yeah I could be having a bad time but even when trying to grab cliffs or buildings it feels just a tad short.

It does kind of feel a tad short to me, I was trying to grapple onto a Wraith on Launch. It was by that little dip on the side of the main road, and I was basically staring across at it from the first floor of the tower by Flag Defense opposite the launch pad. It wasn’t too far away, maybe at most about 12 meters away from me?

From what I’ve read, someone theorized that the Grapple Hook used to be 15 meters but got nerfed to 10. I feel that might be a bit too short because I had to near run within boarding range to grapple onto something that can blast me down with minimal effort. Which I mean, 10 meters seems like a lot if you convert it to feet, but it’s really not that far away. Especially when you’re a 7 foot behemoth in power armor…

There’s times where I’m inclined to agree, and others where I would disagree. It often feels like the range is far too short in BTB, simply due to the sheer size of the maps and their various structures. I feel like the range has been almost perfectly balanced for the close-quarters 4v4 map battles with it’s current maximum range. Fiesta Slayer has been hell at times to be on the receiving end of the grapple though, for sure. Pairing the thing with Hammers, Swords, & Rockets has been both -Yoink!- fun, and -Yoink!- annoying. So I think they got that one right. BTB as a whole still needs much more work though, imo.

I literally just jacked the banshee blindfolded it’s over powered lol

Teach me your ways! :smiley:

Was that a splat though? I find it is easy to grapple when people go for a splat but outside of that it is still too short in my opinion.

I just saw it pop up and crouched in a bush aiming for the banshee when it fired up I fired easy. Flying into a wall I turned and murderd the banshee nabber. Wasn’t even close to the vehicle and still got it instantly

Its a very good tool. I think its perfect but if anything reduce the uses so you have to make it count.