Graphs: what do they mean?

Can somebody explain the graphs that appear when you click on a match? I’m talking about these:,xCjYV,mBAf5#2

Also, what do the bright spots mean in these?,xCjYV,mBAf5#0 and,xCjYV,mBAf5#1


Shot in the dark here, but I’m guessing the bar graphs with each player name represent K/D occurrences over the course of a game. Each bar width is a few seconds worth of game time, and the longer the bar, the more kills or deaths over that interval. The other charts on the first page are pretty self-explanatory.

The “games played” graphs is a simple radial graph. It shows a relative figure of how much of each game mode you play.

The last graph is probably your win/loss ratio as a pie graph. Well, maybe a donut graph since the middle is empty. Still, premise is the same.