Graphics May Be a Problem

Never really thought I’d actually find myself in a situation where graphics would be so imperative that it overwhelms what the rest of the game could bring to the table. I have always been fine with playing older games or downprioritizing the impact of graphics when the game has a fun, interesting story and enjoyable mechanics… however, looking at Halo Infinite, I am put off completely.

Look, Halo has through its releases always had improvement on many aspects and features year by year, some of the more impressing things the Halo series has brought forward continously is a stunning visualization and looks. This time, it feels like an outright downscale. The graphics has me confused on whether it resembles more Minecraft, Roblox or Fortnite… in anyway, to gaze upon first footage, the game immediatelly feels strange. Normally every Halo game released has had me jumping and excited because previous titles have been capable of maintaning that good Halo - feeling - vibes through first - look footage, trailers. But this time I can’t recognize any of that, even with the good old Chief, Halo Infinite feels like a stranger claiming to know you. The game just looks like a kids version of Halo, some cartoon or some 7+ agelimit videogame.

Yesss I agree. The only thingg i can really complain would be the look. When I first saw the looks of the cannons and back structures and it resembled legos and minecraft. U could also see grass disappearing, clouds popping. and a lot more. It looks a bit cartoony with the explosions. Idk why people saying it looks like doom though i dont think so. i guess its because the guy playing was moving back and forwards while shooting people to make it mo hyper and tryn alook pro messed with look of the gameplay. The animation to enter the warthog looked weird. But thats honestly the only things I didnt like. Theres some rumors this gameplay mightve been very old like E3 time old. Rumours that it was suppose to be on E3, that maybe the already had the gameplay for the event. and etc. The stream graphics were terrible though, for pre recorded gameplay it was very sad.

They tried their art styles to look like Halo CE and H2, tried gameplay like Halo 3 and 5. And for the sounds used sounds from most of the clasicc games which i loved. they brought back power ups, the grappling hook makes exploring fun and the enemies look great, the actual graphics themselves look awesome. And the new guns arent the classic ones updated. they have different names, so the clasic guns might still be in the game, just not in that mission. The updated view of the warthog, how shooting enmies, had the same smoothness from halo 5. And finally they removedd the plastic looking armor. Now they just need to change the cartoon armor.

My reaction to the game has me not really know how to feel. I love the open worldness and the small destiny feel. Im not disappointed, but not hyped. I hope they change it and show more gameplay and if the rumours were true then show updated gameplay

I really liked the art style of it