Graphics glitching on Halo 2 Vista

I play Halo 2 on my Windows laptop. Recently, I updated my laptop to Windows 8.1 and updated H2 to the latest patch so I could play online. After I ran the updates, the game has been glitching in a very irritating way. The outlines of every polygon in-game are flashing. More specifically, every object affected by lighting (weapons, Chief’s armor, vehicles, etc.)

When I’m playing H2 and my guns are flickering with lines all over them, it’s very distracting- though being able to see how many polygons were used to build models is kind of interesting.

Has anyone else encountered this bug, and if so, do they know of a fix? Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi FourthEchelon17,

Unfortunately this sounds like an issue with your laptop or graphics card and thus is out of our scope. We recommend reaching out to the manufacturers for further assistance.