Graphics Don't Matter...

Graphics Don’t Matter as long as they support 4-player split screen with LAN.

Seriously, I’ll take the graphics they showed any day of the week if it allows for splitscreen gaming or couch co-op with a friend.

Guardians may have looked fine and played fine but was never in rotation in our weekly Halo LAN games. We are still using 360s as there wasn’t a big enough reason to upgrade to Xbox Ones. Hopefully, Infinite solves that problem.

Now, having said that I can only imagine 343 will start cutting features as it gets close to launch. Firefight, gone, Forge, cut, Fileshare, nixed. Hopefully, the game at least launches with multiplayer on disk and not a download. That freaking defeats the purpose of LAN gaming if everyone needs to download 100 GB of data before we can even play a game.

I wished 343/Microsoft would have ponied up the money for Unreal or some other engine so the guys can develop awesome maps and campaigns instead of re-inventing the wheel with their own engine that barely matches the engine used in Reach. * I know Unreal may not be perfect but it should certainly be fine enough for a multiplayer game that supports splitscreen with LAN.