Graphics bug fix?

I’ve scoured the forums for anyone having issues resembling what I am having but nobody seems to have posted this issue. So here goes.

Basically, when I look at some textures from afar, they have no detail and appear as a single matte color (the main color of the texture), and when I move closer it kinda pixilates and then the detail magically appears on the texture. However this isn’t happening to all distant objects, just some. Every weapon does it (Say I play co-op and my partner is about 10 yards away from me it will happen to their weapon but not the player). It doesn’t just happen on small objects, sometimes distant walls or faces of building appear as this single matte color with no detail, and it is really ruining the game for me.

Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue? I’ve attempted different TVs/monitors, different HDMI cables, different tv and xbox settings (refresh rates and HDTV settings). Nothing seems to fix it.

Any help would be appreciated… Hoping it’s not the disc as my disc was included with the LE Halo 4 Xbox.

I’m guessing that you have both discs installed?

If there is texture pop, I’m not noticing it…but I also haven’t been paying that much attention. Borderlands 2 had some ridiculous pop-in so maybe that’s why I’m not noticing it shrug

Sounds like it really sucks though :-\

Yeah I do have content installed on the xbox itself, however the other xbox was running it directly off the disc. I also confirmed with a friend that it isn’t occurring on his console however. And surely not all 3 of my xboxs are having issues.

Hey mate. It’s not a problem with your console, or installing off the disc. It will occur on all boxes, no matter what you have heard or been told and it’s not a bug or glitch. Rather, it’s the LOD (Level of detail) showing itself.

It was first noticeable in H2 (though existing in H1 as well) but was more of a texture ‘pop in’ as some people refer to it, whereby the models are loaded with lo res or no textures, and the hi res textures are applied only after you get close to it. Because of this, its pretty noticeable.

Since H3, the LOD of Halo games has been more progressive and will slowly load textures and lighting as you get closer, starting from a further out range. You can see this on things such as shadows on the ground fading in as you get closer. This is the same in many other games as well.

I did notice that the LOD is pretty appalling in H4, which is saddening as it’s such a pretty game. It wasn’t as noticeable in H3, ODST or even Reach. But I guess it’s because the game is too pretty for the aging system it’s been built for.

I also notice that the issue is amplified if playing in split screen or using vehicles (i.e Banshee sections especially) as the distance you can see to increases and covers a wider area. Unfortunately the engine’s draw distance isn’t that great so it’s very noticeable here.

It’s been that way forever and probably won’t change in future as it’s a common graphical technique, however, hopefully the next Xbox will be able to cope with H5 in a better fashion so that it’s less noticeable. Hope that helps :slight_smile: