Graphics are hideous

I know all games have pop-in textures but i have never seen so many be so obvious. Bushes appear 5ft in front of you rather than say 25ft or more as in other games. At times main boundaries of the maps, such as the cliffs on Exile or structures on Longbow are just watercolor looking.

I should have guessed this would happen with Certain Affinity creating the maps after all the hoopla over the poor graphics they had done with Reach DLC. It also appears that since H3, the water has gotten worse as did the level of detail on many things. When you play H3 just walk around or fly around and zoom in on textures and see the high-res scratches that are on many of the objects and even the character models.

I really hope that H5 is on a new console otherwise we will likely be looking at H2 graphics, somehow with how certain affinity works

Single player, however, was beautiful and 343 really shined :slight_smile:

Just make your own maps instead of Certain Affinity… theyre ugly.

Lower level detail equals faster loads and gameplay. And are you playing splitscreen ? I haven’t seen any of what you speak.

Nope. Playing full screen. Which tv im on doesnt matter but before someone says “its your tv” ive tried my 22in vizio led and my 32in led sony bravia.

Its the game, it has many areas on large maps that dont go HD until you are relatively close to them which makes them rather ugly :frowning:

I see bushes pop in every now and then, but they tend to be 30+ feet away when they do.

I haven’t noticed this happening either, do you have any example pics?

Should i maybe try reinstalling? Because things pop literally right in front of me rather its walls, or bushes. Either way though some things did look better from bungie and in single player… certain affinity really doesnt produce the visuals that bungie did and that 343i did with singleplayer

try uninstalling and playing from disc and see how it looks.

> try uninstalling and playing from disc and see how it looks.

But the multiplayer needs to be installed… lol

I know what he means. Next time you play campaign look at forerunner stuff up close it has just about no texture. Same with most of the floors.

The graphics are fine for me, I’ve got just one problem: the lighting. It burns my eyes.

Meh, Crysis is an incredible uglier game series (same goes Farcry). Crytek engine is too overrated for my sophisticated tastes. At least Halo’s engine isn’t trying so hard to blow up whatever device i am using it to play on.

I did notice the textures suffered a bit up close but that’s a drawback for the incredible lightning, character models, and just the massive scale of the environments.

Then again, i haven’t played a game where the textures were good up close. So at the same time, this is a rather trivial thing to complain about.

Uh, what? The game looks great. Probably the best looking game on 360.

Halo 3 looks a compete generation old at this point.

I honestly haven’t noticed any of that.

During the Campaign, random things in the background and even some foreground objects, mostly rocks, popped in and out. It was odd.

i fudging hate the light tooo BRIGHT

Hypercritical much?

I look forward to the day you have a job and have a hard -Yoink- boss who treats all you the same as you treat 343. You only spent 60 bucks on it, what the hell do you expect, a -Yoink!- troll to come out everytime you turn it on. -Yoink-, nothing is good enough for some of you.

I find H4 maps kind of unbalance Example: play Heaven, tooo blue ish, I died because i couldnt find a blue guy in a almost obvius place.
The water looks kind of weird.
they should make the graphics like in Halo 2 were u shoot a bullet somewhere and the bullet hole thingy stays there etc. but not those graphics

I get what he is saying. Bungie’s Halo 360 games had very detailed textures up close.
Halo 3 and Reach when you looked close at the armor of any model whether it be spartan or elite there was scratches and very well detailed mapping on it. With Halo 4 however they’ve dropped the quality. Especially on elites. When you kill an elite in halo 4 run up to their body and zoom in on the armor and the textures are just blurred to all hell.

Another example of this is in the new spartan ops episode’s 2nd mission (Galileo station.) look at the generator structures you need to turn off at the beginning. They are so blurred they are almost original xbox detailed.

It just shows how aged the Xbox 360 is. Or perhaps the texture artists for 343 are new and not the original ones that bungie used for halo 3 and Reach. Although Halo 4 multiplayer spartans have small scratches and details on their armor just not as much like Halo 3 had.

Perhaps they had to trade the details of textures for the higher poly models and new lighting system?

> Uh, what? The game looks great. Probably the best looking game on 360.
> Halo 3 looks a compete generation old at this point.

It’s hard to believe Halo 3 was on the current gen consoles. Even Reach, while certainly leagues above Halo 3, gets blown apart by Halo 4’s engine.

While I know the ugly little red bush you’re referring to, I have no idea what you’re talking about with the rest. The game is incredibly gorgeous. Perhaps you need glasses?