granddad got a question

I bought the xbox 1, 1 terabyte with halo 5 to play with my grandson. How can 2 players play on the same console? Is subscribing to GOLD the only way? Would we be able to play at same console with gold? do we both have to subscribe?

Obvious troll is obvious

hate to break it to you but Halo 5 is single player at home

you would need a second xbox and game to play together

the Master Chief Collection offers split screen though so you can at least do the campaigns together on there

i do no recommend playing multiplayer on MCC it is very frustrating

Sadly Halo 5 does not support splitscreen, so there is no way for two or more people to play on the same console. Only one player can play at a time.

They will not be able to play the game together at the same time as Halo 5 doesn’t have split screen. If you are asking about Live, then you only need one Gold account to play online. Every other accounts on the Xbox will inherit the Gold membership.

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> Obvious troll is obvious

lol, there is no splitscreen. you have to buy another console.

Feel free to use the split screen thread.