Grab Bag

Hi everybody…
So for the last week I have been looking back over some of the beta montages and other videos that came out of it to try and get a better look at why people seem to say they had more fun in it.
The main thing I noticed was all of the objective games like stockpile, flag, hill, headhunter and all that were a lot more prominent.
Thing is, people enjoy these games but just don’t search for them specifically, and that’s what was great about grab bag, you didn’t need to go and make some decision for the group of what to do, you just searched and got a bit of everything.
Then you get the bit of personal experience where connection was generally better because the population wasn’t spread across all these different playlists which also resulted in better match ups with players too.
Anyway rumble pit is mostly the same as the FFA playlist from then and has been some fun to play in the last few days so that’s fine.
The point I am trying to get across with this is that we have too many playlists as of now spreading the community too thin for a good matchmaking experience so I am just putting this out there to suggest combining some playlists together not only bringing back Grab Bag but also mixing Big Team and Invasion would possibly be a benefit to all contained gametypes in making it a more varied experience.

Rumble Pit
Team Doubles
Grab Bag
Squad Slayer
Multi Team
Big Team Battle

To me these being all that is in the competitive category would be great and as far as title update is concerned.
Nothing gameplay changing from me, just a search restriction/ influencer on DLC owners.

Also as far as Sword Base goes objective games play beautifully on that map so maybe a little more of that.

So if anyone has anything to add to this, agrees/ doesn’t agree completely/ at all for some logical reason, change my mind or reinforce it just put some thought into your responses first.

Also has anyone heard anything about when people may be required to own the map packs for some playlists like Halo 3 did at all because it really would benefit people that don’t to just get them especially Noble!
They are awesome maps and you will enjoy reach a bit more… when you get to play them.

While I agree a Grab Bag playlist should return; Squad Slayer and/or The Arena should stay for a Slayer-only experience.

Squad Slayer & The Arena should remain.

However, I agree with the rest.

oops… I actually forgot those ones.
Sorry about that editing it now.