goty Spartan ops offline

So then will we finally be able to play this mode without the need for sign in. Spartan ops as it currently stands might as well not be on the disc. With the goty year edition like before including this mode, will that also mean exactly the same issues. I simply want to play this mode when I want and with no fear that in 5 or years now when 360 servers shut down that I’m basically stuffed. I’ve yet to play this brilliant mode all that seriously and I’m eager to buy this new edition

It’s obviously too much to expect a direct answer here from 343 but does anyone know the score

Something I would definitely like to see 343 bring to the table, is the ability to play Spops offline. Been a few times where my internet has went down or I’ve been over at my g/f’s and wanted to play but couldn’t. I wouldn’t even mind if xp was reduces or disabled during that time.

Yeah that too. It would be nice if something official could be said here other than SPOPS is on the disc ‘again’ but I wont hold my breath

The H4 GOTY edition probably just gives you access to all the spartan ops missions.The mode most likely still requires an internet connection.

Hopefully, I’m not renewing my Gold until SpOps gets an update

Yup i wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what is. I can play it right now with no problem but it’s down the line no matter how long that is, the potential that we wont be be able to play prevents me from enjoying this excellent mode- I like to play content long after as in way down the line

I really wish 343 at least came out and said things