Gotta admit Sandtrap in H5 would rock.

…If it had the same Elephants with the same mechanics as the original. Having big drive-able bases with flags and all was just so damn cool. No other map in any game I can think of has ever done that. I figured that maybe bigger Elephants or even flying Elephants would be in the next game. I thought they were really going somewhere with this.

I always hated how certain innovating things like that in Halo that needed evolving in the next game would just disappear. Firefight and Scarabs are other casualties of this phenomena.

What are your thoughts on getting Sandtrap back in Halo?

I would love that. Sandtrap is one of my favorite maps of all time.

Santrap is the #1 map I would like to have re-made in Halo 5.

I will say however, that the Elephants deserve a slight speed boost considering how fast paced the game is now compared to the game in Halo 3.

Screw Elephants, give us Mammoths!

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> Screw Elephants, give us Mammoths!

Only if they let us drive them and put them in MM. That’s what made Elephants so special on Sandtrap.

Not without Choppers it wouldn’t. Sandtrap without Brute choppers is just wrong.

It wouldn’t work in Halo 5 because of DMRs and LightRifles. So new/additional/updated cover would be needed.

Of course, you could say just don’t put those weapons on the map, but it would still need more cover added anyways, because that map was pretty barren in Halo 3.

> 2533275004372869;4:
> Screw Elephants, give us Mammoths!

Once they make one huge thing available to us, they make even bigger things and then use the excuse that it’s too big for multiplayer maps.

If the Raid on Apex map is as big as they claim then a mammoth could fit on it.

Dude Elephants in Halo 5 would be amazing. Some of the most intense matches I’ve had in Halo 3 were on Sandtrap with those things.

YEAH! Sandtraaaaapp!!!

A Sandtrap inspired Warzone map would be interesting. They could use Mammoths as bases.