Got the Halo 4 OST today! :)

Found it in a box full of CDs at my wal-mart! With all the talk around the forums I thought it already came out! But i later found out that it was supposed to come out on the 22nd! Although, in most cases the register will say “sale not allowed,” if you try to buy it earlier than expected so i’m sorry about that 343! :confused:

But anyways, I love it. It’s awesome. Track 4 is my favorite right now, has that Cranberries vocals/heavenly feel to it! What do you guys think

I got mine on Friday as I live in Australia.
My favorite track is actually one of the 6 bonus downloads in my copy called ‘Armour’ it plays in the concept art trailer back last year at pax.

It’s hard to pick mt favorite from the cd, but a couple I like are 117, Arrival, Immaterial, To Galaxy, Revival, and Nemesis. So like half of it haha.

Dang! I can’t wait to get my Special Edition copy. I live in Japan so I think I should be getting mine tomorrow…hopefully!!!

For those that pre orderd the LE and with the delay. Have you recieved the bonus track and digital album yet?