Got really Frustrated with the Lag yesterday

Ever since the game started having these updates my Halo 5 experience has been hindered with lag.
Just to get it out of the way: Yes, I have a WIRED connection. Yes, I live in the USA. Yes, there is more than one device on the network at once but that hasn’t hindered it before (I have the best internet provided in the area). Yes, I tried resetting my router but to no avail.

I experienced phasing around which was no fun because I had to guess where my jump was going to take me and my shots weren’t landing. I also experienced my enemy doing the same thing to the point where a full clip of AR along with a full clip of my pistol barely left a dent in some players. Also, getting shot and shooting through walls seems to be happening more and more for me. I admit I quit out of a couple of those games but when you are standing still (not touching the controller) and the game can’t decide if i’m in one spot or another it gets a little frustrating. I had to give the game a break because I was getting extremely upset.

To be clear, Day 1 Halo 5 was fine for me. It was so clean I was extremely impressed. After a couple updates however, the lag seems to have increased.

Anyone else experiencing this?

It has been hit and miss the last week. H5 was running incredibly well for me until recently. Saturday the 12th was by far the worst BUT it was because of xbox live. Every year around Christmas, live gets real bad. It will be even worse next week especially on Christmas day.

I didn’t have issues but my friend did. Nothing was worst the the first week the game launched. I nearly raged quit forever. My kd was negative because the lag I was ready to give up. I’m just now getting my kd healthy. No greater gaming evil than lag lol.

This weekend was really good for me, but during the week it was rough. I’m east coast. Bear with it, I’m sure server conditions will improve for you. I recently got my NAT type opened by an IT guy and its been moderate or closed for about 6 years… and I haven’t gotten much lag since. It may be worth looking into.

My NAT is Open. Sometimes it jumps over to Moderate for a bit. Very rarely it will go to closed but other than that it sits on Open most of the time.

I was just unable to join a match over the weekend. I would connect, then few minutes into the game get kicked out! … This sucks when you can only play the game on weekend :frowning:

I couldn’t connect to any lobby at all this past weekend either.

I have to struggle for every kill now, I dont get any free kills anymore, the hitbox is way off some games.
The first week Halo 5 was excellent but its just getting worse and worse, its like they have removed servers and it wouldnt surprise me if 343 had more servers at the release.
Playing with 3 or more friends seems to make the lag worse.

The lag has also been unplayable for me as well. I can’t remember the last time inplaed a game where I havnt played lag free (and when I mean can’t remember I just mean the past few days)