Got plans Friday around 6pm PST to 8pm PST?

No? Wonderful! Because at that time and day, I’ll be hosting a custom game lobby. Games ranging from Slenderman, Indiana Jones, duck hunt and other popular games on Reach.

You want to know a bit about why I want to do this? Of course you do!

I’m A Bandit Chief, Community President of a semi-competitive Halo 4 community called Renegade Nation. This event will be my communities first’s custom night. But since we have space open, I’d like for people interested in joining Renegade Nation to participate in this and future events as a legitimate member. People who sign up and post ‘attending’ in the event will have their spot saved.

As a member of Renegade Nation, you may be as active as you choose. You won’t be pressured into doing anything really. Just simply have fun with us on Halo 4 - be it matchmaking, customs or even Spartan Ops.

Now, joining the competitive side of Renegade Nation - know as the military, is a different story. As we have certain expectations that not just anyone can fulfill. If you’d like to know more, I’d be happy to inform you. But for now, we are only allowing people to become members, and not join Renegade Nation’s military until Halo 4 is out.

Note that in order to sign up on the site AND event, you must first create a account. After doing so, then you may fill out my application by ‘joining site.’ Then simply click ‘attend’ in the events. Need help? Simply shoot me a PM on Waypoint or my site. Or message me on Xbox live.

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