Got on today to grind Tenrai, but don't have that kind of cash

I’ve played over 100 matches of Infinite so far, and it feels great. Love playing it. The armor looks amazing for the most part, and I was really excited to start earning that samurai shiet. But it’s just more challenges. Or you can pay $20 for a stance and some armor. I unlocked the base armor, but just feel like I’m gonna have to pump 50 bucks a week to get any substantial armor customization.

I honestly think the idea to have the different armor types is cool, so you’re able to have distinct generations of armor, and I hope they add more in the future. But I dont understand why only certain shaders work for certain GEN armor. It just makes the thinly spread customization even worse. Probably to make people feel like they need to buy more whenever it pops up in the store.

I have time to play right now, but in two weeks I’m gonna be busy for the next nine months. And I feel like I’m just gonna miss out on all the rest of the reach armor, and whatever else comes out in that time since the grind is so slow. Doesn’t matter how well I play, or what I play. Its 10 minutes = 50xp… I hope this gets fixed soon, I really want this game to do well, and be an awesome experience for players.