Got on black ops II first time in years.

And every lobby is those who made purposely low level accounts (PS3 btw. Also I don’t really have any mind about posting this on halo 5 forum section, it can get locked if it they want to.) with “1v1 me wins 11 loss 0”
or those with KUSH in there online ID and clan tag. Heard a 13 year old said he was 23 to a chick playing lol. Or those who still think QS’ing still proves skill in SnD, like wow after all these years COD II hasn’t changed
not surprised lol

but anyways if y’all still play COD II(Also. Don’t be stereotype about what’s better, halo or COD, because in the end of the day it’s still a damn game.)
whats y’alls rank?
Favorite weapon?
Favorite gamemode?

just in case y’all don’t hate me enough I’ll say mine
master with 59k kills (smh)
dont have a favorite weapon
SnD was my favorite(over 1000 wins lol no life me). Was always wanting to win in it though, but never cared.

I mean that’s cool and all buuuuut… why is this in the Halo 5 forum?