"Got My Specialization Codes" Thread

got mines!!! just recieved it @10:00PM EST 11/30/2012

heres a vid to prove it. mines worked with no issues. although the guy in my party chat now has his code and is not unlocking anything. so there may be problems. other then that you can go here to see the video proof.

Halo 4 Specializations Unlocked!

I just got mine too.

Do u look in your regular e-mail or on x-box live?

Mine works fine. I got the e mail, followed the link and did redeem the code :slight_smile:
Thanks 343i ! You are awesome !

you need to put another option in the poll
“I live in Europe”

Ye I got mine and redeemed it. Funny thing is they sent me 2 emails with 2 different codes. This is good if one of my friends don’t get it I can lend it to one of em.

i got my code in the windows live email associated with my xbox live gamer tag (yahoo). in it it said. we have a gift for you! blah blah blah:

heres some pics.

Email Yahoo!

Actual Email

Xbox Download History

I got the code yesterday and redeemed it and it seemed to work fine but it hasn’t unlocked anything in-game though. I’ve been stuck at level 70 for a while now and now even with the code I cannot advance. I’m not very pleased.

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