Got my 3D Spartan and it's nice!

Finally got it a few days ago, I’m wearing the HCS armor (Athlon) and the size I ordered is medium. It looks better than I expected and feels solid, though I am certainly careful not to drop it. It looks a little “shiny” under the light, otherwise I think it is really cool, glad I got it. First 3D printed figurine I ever got, so there is that…the bottom side has a number so I assume that they number each one as they are produced which is cool.

Wow! That’s nice! I wish I could get one but wow, it took that long to arrive? Well I can’t get it so I’ll just get the McFarlene Spartans. :slight_smile:

I have been thinking about ordering one for myself once I unlock the helmet I want. Got any pics you can post of it?

Pics please?