Got kicked out of warzone

Got kicked out of March On Stormbreak. It was like 9 minutes in and I had the jump on some blue team enemy with my blood of Suban then I suddenly got kicked to show the firefight screen and Halo 5 freezing. This is with a 4 month old Xbox one x. And this was a join in progress where it was already 2 minutes in.

Probably a server issue with your connection.

I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I have 4451 warzone games. This is the 1st time I get kicked out like this ever. I’ve had freezes where it’s Halo 5, or I lag horribly I get kicked out, but never anything like this.

So once in 4451 games is not a bad record.

Early in the day I had another problem.

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> Okay now something is up the countdown starts 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, for warzone heroic firefight and I get booted out of the lobby and back to the warzone menu. What is going on?

Where I got kicked right before deployment for every mode but forge, and the problem persisted when using a different profile. I was the first to report Announcers of War when equipped was causing infinite black loading screen; and I believe this could be a similar unseen issue on Halo 5 ends that slipped in for the new year.

Its back and this time I’m getting DNF on Halowaypoint despite never joining the matches. Like it doesn’t show a black loading screeen on my TV, I just get kicked out yet somehow I am inside these matches.
3 DNF on arena and one for firefight.