Got invited to Infinite for Xbox, but i play on PC

Edit: I got another invite but its for the Halo 2 flight, which is weird.

Original Post: So i got invited to the Halo Infinite flight, but on Xbox. I have never opted to for Console flights, and only play on PC (I participated in Halo 3 and 4’s flight as well, both on PC.). I would love to take part in this flight but cannot since it is apparently an Xbox invite.

Edit seems to have been fixed for me , just gotta wait.

UPDATE: Just got an invite to the Halo 2 flight…? I don’t know what the hell is going on, lol. Really wish i could post screenshots here.

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> Edit seems to have been fixed for me , just gotta wait.

as of now i still have no PC invite, hopefully it gets fixed when i wake up tomorrow. Last thing i got was a Halo 2 flight invite and a Halo Waypoint July Preview.

hmm it seems to have somewhat fixed its self, it now tells me to install it through the microsoft store, but it does not tell me how to install it, and all the links it gives send me to pages that don’t work.(sorry for the confusion of my sleepy self when i sent my previous messages i was half a sleep).

and yes posting screenshots would be nice.

Codes and platforms cannot be transferred or swapped.

When you register, please only register for the platforms you want to play on and do not opt into to everything in an attempt to increase selection choices.