Got ideas for REQs? Post here, please!

There’s a ton of cool REQs already, but do you have an idea for a good one? If so, feel free to post it up here.

I’ll post a few of my own, but first things first, I’d like to say that we need among the REQs some of the Brute arsenal. Spikers, Brute Shots, Brute Choppers, etc. Not just the Brute Plasma Rifle and Gravity Hammer. Sure, the Spiker’s not the best weapon around, but some unique variants of it could still be awesome.

Here are my examples. Names for uniques should be considered as placeholders, not final names. Level number indicates the REQ level and energy needed for the weapon or vehicle.

Brute Spiker (LVL1) - Automatic weapon that fires impaling spikes. Deals more damage than a Suppressor or Storm Rifle, but has worse projectile speed and lower accuracy, so it’s less effective at longer range.
Impaler (LVL2) - Spiker variant with increased rate of fire, larger clip, and slightly faster projectile speed, but still best used at closer ranges due to poor accuracy.
Clawshot (LVL3) - Spiker variant with improved melee damage. Spikes fired also have slight homing ability and will turn toward targets.
Brute Shot (LVL4) - Brute-made grenade launcher with a blade attached for slightly increased melee damage.
Chieftain’s Blade (LVL5) - Brute Shot with larger clip, faster projectiles, and more damage.
Maccabeus’ Wrath (LVL7) - Brute Shot with EMP effect, larger clip, and grants a bonus to the wielder’s shield durability.
Brute Chopper (LVL4) - Brute vehicle with powerful forward cannons and a devastating ram attack.
Chopper Ultra (LVL5) - Brute Chopper with stronger weapons and armor.

There’s also another thing I’d like to eventually see in some Warzone maps: stationary posts where you can spend some REQ energy to create automated turrets. For instance, you could use a REQ to create an automated Shade turret, and you could even get variants with greater durability or different weapons. Or you could get Forerunner turrets (the ones that fire the Sentinel beams). To make it balanced, however, turret placements would be pre-determined per map, making them vulnerable to being outflanked. Still, if you wanted to choke off an approach to any enemy that doesn’t have anti-vehicle weapons, it’d be a nice way to spend your energy if you know you’ll just die after REQ-ing a weapon.

I have some ideas , but none I can post here. Most have to do with where 343 can shove these req packs.

Instead of more req packs how about we get King of the hill and oddball back?

Op, I’ll respond to your topic properly.
MKVI MOD (Chief’s set) Mythic Legendary.
Animated visor’s including Rainbow, Cyborg and Lightning

REQ weapons:
Grenade Launcher, Uncommon (level 4): Fires a grenade that can be held to detonate on impact or as a proximity mine.
Longarm, Rare (level 5): Grenade launcher with upped reload speed. Holding down the trigger can cause an EMP burst.
Dragon’s Claw, Ultra Rare (level 6): Grenade launcher that fires highly explosive, fast moving grenades. Explosions send out EMP’s and fast moving shrapnel that causes damage over time to infantry and vehicles.
Sticky detonator, Uncommon (level 4): Sticky detonator that shoots a sticky explosive. Press trigger to detonate.
Infinty’s trigger, Rare (level 5): Sticky detonator that fire proximity mines. Can also be manually detonated. Faster reload and projectile speed.

Mark VI Gen 1 CQB variant.
Been my favorite for almost 10 years.
(Halo 3)

And 343 keeps ignoring it.

“Give me back my face!” -Rorschach.

Energy Stave: It can be seen wielded by some Elites in the cutscene after the Swords Of Sangheilios mission. Melee weapon with longer lunge-range than the Energy Sword, but swings slower. Zooming in creates a Hardlight Shield to defend the wielder from frontal attacks, but reduces 1% of energy after a small amount of damage is taken.
Defender Of The Faithful: Temple Energy Stave variant with quicker melee animations and quicker time to pull up/away the Hardlight Shield.
Honor Of The Guard: Honor Guard Energy Stave variant. Connected attacks only reduce 5% energy instead of the usual 10%. Damage taken by the Hardlight Shield no longer reduces energy.

Infected Energy Sword: Each connected hit has a vamperism effect, immediately causing the wielder’s energy shields to start recharging.

Emile’s Shotgun: The concept art was made for it, so I was quite surprised to not see it in the Memories Of Reach update.

Spiker: Automatic spike-rifle created by the Brutes. Melee damage is higher than traditional weapons.
Banished Spiker: Improved Spiker with faster RoF and larger clip size.
Atriox’s Fist: Spiker with energy bayonets underneath. Melee is instant-kill. The spikes can slightly track.

Brute Shot: Large grenade launcher with a large bayonet underneath associated with the Brutes. Melee damage is higher than traditional weapons.
Banished Brute Shot: Improved Brute Shot with faster RoF and larger clip size.
The Paralyzer: Brute Shot with EMP grenades that slightly track their targets.
Atriox’s Apocalypse: Brute Shot with energy bayonet underneath. Melee is instant-kill. The grenades have a secondary explosion that releases even smaller grenades to detonate wildly similarly seen on the bombs on Engineers.

Gravity Mace: Infamous weapon of Atriox. Pulling the right trigger pulls targets in, while pressing the melee button attacks. Must combine both to use at maximum efficiency.

Brute Chopper: Most commonly known vehicle of the Brutes.
Banished Chopper: Has unlimited boost for maximum splatter efficiency. Increased armor.
Chopper Ultra: Shots have explosive rounds and travel faster. Maximum armor.

Marauder: Brute-equivalent of the Revenant.
Banished Marauder: Has unlimited boost for maximum splatter efficiency. Increased armor.
Marauder Ultra: Can fire its mortar twice as fast. Mortars also have a secondary explosion afterwards. Maximum armor.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ve always wanted to use the Energy Stave. And with the Halo Wars 2 hype, I feel like a Brute-centered update would be quite fitting to build the hype up even more.

Nice list, Halo M4n.

Halo 4 Boltshot maybe and maybe bring the sticky detonator back

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I got a great idea for the REQ system.


Gaurdian. It would just have to be super ultra mythic rare. Lol

Oh and flood spore grenades. Turns enemesis into flood that attack other teams.

Mega Mushroom:
Level 7
Ultra Rare
Increases player size to three times normal. Allows you to step on enemies and kill them, weapon and melee damage is increased by 10%. 15 second duration.

Mini Mushroom
Level 7
Ultra Rare
Reduces player size to 1/30 of normal. Makes infiltrating enemy bases easier but reduces damage by 70%. 45 second duration.

The Chainbreaker: Atriox’s personal energy mace. Dunno what it does.

When the community is supporting micro-transaction and demand more from it.

> 2535447480293666;13:
> The Chainbreaker: Atriox’s personal energy mace. Dunno what it does.

dunno what it does lol.

> 2533274850752370;15:
> > 2535447480293666;13:
> > The Chainbreaker: Atriox’s personal energy mace. Dunno what it does.
> dunno what it does lol.

Lol I don’t.

> 2533274847627340;2:
> I have some ideas , but none I can post here. Most have to do with where 343 can shove these req packs.

Not everyone has to like the REQ system, but please save your QQ for other topics.

Storm ruler.
Ultra rare req card.
A banshee with a gray and blue paint-job with a hunter cannon (which slows it down). The cannon’s blast pushes enemies and teammates back.