Got deranked from 16 to 1 please help!!!

I was playing on the 1/28/2015 was rank 16 next day got to play mm and got deranked to 1 dont know what happened?
Please instruct where do i send a message to or do i got to start all over again, this sucks pretty bad!!!

nothing you can do…welcome to MCC match making!

Its only happened to you once? Consider yourself lucky. Alas, this is another bug/glitch in the game.

I believe 343 has stated that they’re going to wipe the slate clean once everything has been fixed anyway, so I wouldn’t get too attached.

Why do people bother with ranked anyway? They’ve said numerous times that they will reset ranks.

Ranked is fun. If your rank says 1 play 1 unranked match. My rank reset 3 times and fixed it 2 times by playing 1 custom/unranked match.