Got banned in a match because the match lagged?

So I was just doing a capture the flag match just now and it was going fine but as I was trying to get red teams flag the match just lagged and showed the leaderboards for a second and ended and then I got banned even though I didn’t leave the match and also it returned me back to matchmaking before I got banned so my question is can servers crash because of just certain lag or did someone just DDosed and crash the server making ban system think I left the match??

Yeah it can happen where the server or yourself lag enough to where it can’t keep you in the game. The same thing happens to me on the very odd occasion, I will be playing and then all of a sudden the scoreboard shows up and it’s like it’s trying to keep me connected then I find myself back in the lobby. Sometimes I may notice odd things going on like the guy I’m shooting just suddenly stops shooting back and walks into a wall or I’ll throw a grenade and it won’t explode or something and it’s enough that I say what the hell then a second later the scoreboard pops up and I realize why. So no, no one is trying to ddos you, it’s just lag unfortunately and it does happen.

It sucks that you gotta eat a ban for things like that, but apparently there’s no way for the system to tell if it was an intentional quit or unintentional lag/a crash that caused it. Seems odd though because one would think that it would be able to tell if it crashed or not.