Got Banned for 3 Days please fix 343 (and unban :)

Hello, I have been banned for 3 days for ending a custom game. The game ran out of time after I was practicing some jumps on Plaza. I was then banned for 3 days! I would really like to enjoy Halo over the weekend, but this kind of stuff that keeps randomly occurring is absolute bs. For real please fix this issue. (Link of being banned after game) Gamer DVR - Xbox clips, Twitch clips and streams, Xbox screenshots, Xbox videos, Xbox DVR and more on Gamer DVR!

Firstly, there’s a dedicated thread for this kind of post in the main halo 5 forum. Secondly I’m going to guess that you have a history of not completing matchmade games. You leaving a custom game would not result in a 3 day ban.

P.S. Your matchmaking history is available for all to see. I haven’t looked but I’m willing to wager a fair amount that you haven’t been completing all of your matchmade games… for whatever reason…

^ As above OP, please have a read over our ban thread in the Halo 5 forums. If you still need help after reading the first post, feel free to make a reply to that thread :slight_smile: