Got an ultra rare a SR15 or less...

It was the scout observer body armor. This was insanely lucky for me because I just started playing halo 5 at the time. Do you guys think this should happen to noobs or not?

It’s all luck of the draw, my man. Rock that -Yoink- regardless of skill/rank!


Its simply luck of the draw.

So whether you are a noob or not opening a pack is luck the game doesn’t know whether you are new or not.

I was under the presumption that it was all randomized, and wasn’t determined by your level. I got a legendary helmet before I hit level 10. Another thing that bothers me. Some of the rare and legendary armor is not legendary-looking enough, if that makes any sense. Like scout armor being ultra-rare? It’s a pretty lame helmet from what I remember. One of my rate helmets is just a recruit helmet with a different paint job. What gives?