Got an SP problem here

So way back when, I pre ordered Halo 4. I forget the name of the edition but it was the top one and from gamestop. I played up to SR26 and then took several months off for a break to do other things. Coming back I saw something that confused me. My SP does not equal my SR. I have 25 SP but I am SR26. I started at, I think, SR5 due to predorder and special edition way back so I am wondering if something buggered up. I have not bought anything at all. Was there no SP at level 1 or did 343 screw me over?

You didn’t get “screwed over.” You will be unable to unlock everything before entering Specializations.

So the count is accurate then? 25 SP at SR26? I know I should be way ahead since I got this game at launch from pre order but there are SO many other good games out there.

Yes. It’s accurate.