Got a Loss because

I got a loss on my record because the game would not load. I sat and waited for at least five minutes but the game continued to load, so I dashboard it and I got a lost for that.

It happened to me twice too. Hopefully they fix this issue.

Same here!

I have had 6 losses as direct results of in game issues so far.

youll not only get losses for that until its fixed ull also get losses for Games going out of Sync as well.

ive played 50 online games won 26 and lost 11 or 12 and the other 10 or so have been games unable to connect and stay in the loading screen or de-syncs.

so either dont play online if u value ur precious service record that much which tbh will mean nothing wen no1 can see it anyway or just play it online like the rest of us

Sorry folks are experiencing disconnects - the team is pushing out some server updates tonight that we hope is going to help the situation. For what it’s worth, all the playlists are social / unranked and leaderboards aren’t enabled yet.

I hope you soon have the problems in the grip. This jerk -Yoink!- does not make fun in the multiplayer.