Got a email, total scam, DMP

24 hrs ago i got a Hoax email from ‘‘xbox’’ ( it wasnt xbox) with a code = JDTP6-6W7VX-XT7J6-PKGPR-HQ6MZ
and it was invalid. first thing i thought was to phone, they told me who did this email come from? i said xbox, and me and the guy on the phone did realise that this was a fake code.

The sad thing is ive been wanting the defiant map pack for a long time now and somone has hoaxed me, which has put me in a sad mood :frowning: especially that all them codes on the main page were taken :frowning:

its sad that people do this

Nothing? C’mon people

It looks like you’ve been punk’d to be honest. Why did you call Xbox if it said it was invalid?

because i thought at the time it was just the code sent with a incorrect charactor


ive just triple posted, still no answer

that sad enough guys…

Ding -Yoink!- help me

Looks like someone’s Yoinkin! with ya, and let’s simmer down on the bumping.

> Looks like someone’s Yoinkin! with ya.

go grow a pair? im having a bad day