i have noticed they hold back on the gore, in halo 4 they should put an option to take away the gore for the kids parents who don’t agree with it, or make it more grusome, because <mark>it gets boring with the small drops of blood.</mark>[


I heard that the next God of War game (didn’t Kratos already kill the entire Greek Pantheon, or are they just throwing him into Egypt or Scandinavia?) will have INCREDIBLY detailed gore. As in they have their artists studying cadavers in order to get everything just right. To be honest, I felt slightly ill thinking about what those artists are doing for their job. Frankly, that’s messed up.

Gore has never been and shouldn’t be a major facet of the Halo franchise. It’s always been more about the mystery of discovering alien artifacts, fighting against impossible odds, and now the idea of humanity from the points of view of Cortana and Master Chief. There would be a hilariously stark contrast when trying to discover what makes Master Chief human, considering that he has been a soldier his entire life and doesn’t know the comforts of a normal life, in between encounters in which he rips out a Grunt’s spine and beats his best friend to death with it. I think we should leave those moments to the likes of Kratos, Fenix, and Sub-Zero.

Gore has no place in Halo, may I recommend “Gears Of War”?

> Gore has no place in Halo, may I recommend “Gears Of War”?

I honestly wish it did, I mean it does with flood in Halo 1, 2, and 3 but never with covies. I want to shoot a grunts arm off.

id like a bit of gore, to a certain extent. i dont want dismemberment or arything. just something along the lines of the inde game ‘overgrowth’ blood from cuts and OBVIOUS bone breakages, just to add a little more depth, mabey even halo CE style bleeding where the walls can get coated in blood.

The “Gore” The flood gave was the extent of all I needed. I don’t need to see the insides of something to be sure that its dead. Halo just wouldn’t seem right if you could watch limbs/organs flying everywhere. As somebody has already said. Play some Gears of War for your gore fix.

I think it should be like the way Rockstar does it. Damage up close does a lot of gore, damage from a medium/long distance doesn’t produce much gore but a healthy amount of blood pours out.
Damage with a sniper/rocket launcer are one of those exceptions. Sometimes gore comes out, sometimes it doesn’t.

You’re wearing the… undersuit? The blackleather suit under your armor. That basically hold your body together, so that is why I believe you don’t see any limbs flying in the air. However if you get sliced with an Energy Sword, I agree with you there due to the fact the sword cuts through armor but gore is not really needed. Plus little children play this game too, so that would not be good for them… unfortunately.

I don’t think gore would be suitable for halo maybe damage instead, so like bullet holes and cracks in the armor