Google says WHAT?!

If you Google Halo Infinite it says “Releases on November 15th” and there’s a literal timer for “Xdays: Yhours: Zminutes” is something big being announced on November 15th?

I, personally, don’t think the whole game will actually launch that day though. Maybe they’ll give us the f2p multiplayer a month before the campaign?
Thoughts and opinions everyone?

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Where? Googled “Halo Infinite” and for the released date, all I see is “Dec 08, 2021.”

Google isn’t an official source for information about Halo Infinite. In all likelihood they have an automated system pulling this information from somewhere, and whatever source they are using has outdated information.

In all cases, if the information isn’t coming through official 343i/Microsoft channels, you should take it with a grain of salt, and see what 343i has to say, e.g., on Halo Waypoint.

EDIT: in general, as the old adage goes: don’t trust everything you read on the internet.


I’m actually looking at it right now. If you look up Halo Infinite on Google the suggestions will say either Halo Infinite or Halo Infinite with a subtitle that says video game. If you click the latter the timer appears.

Take it with a grain of salt. It’s 6 days away, but we’ve had zero reasons to believe it’s being released early in any capacity. Let alone 3+ weeks ahead of what we currently know.

Pls let this be true this is literally when my college semester is over and I get to come back home to play video games on top of that my birthday is on the 14th too. If this happens this will hands down make my year no cap 343 pls do itttttttttt!!

I welcome this surprise, even though happy to wait 4 more weeks.

If I recall, November 15th was the originally planned release date. I wouldn’t overthink it. The game is.coming out December 8th. Get hype.

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Was about to say this. Seems Google pulled some outdated info from somewhere.

It is most likely a glitch on Google’s part where they have just put in Halo’s 20th anniversary date on the backend and their algorithm is doing something to make search results pop up saying that Halo Infinite will release that date. If an early access period (which there have been some rumors/leaks of) were to happen on November 15th I think we would have heard about it by now. The only other possibility is that during Xbox’s 20th anniversary celebration stream on the 15th they surprise announce that Halo Infinite is playable that day in Early Access which would be quite a shock. If that were the case though it would be highly unusual for only Google to know about that and for there to be no leaks or news from any other source. I’m hoping for a surprise release of some kind and if we do get one I expect it will only be multiplayer first and campaign will still release on the 8th.

November 15th has never been anything else than the release date for the Halo edition console and controller. Originally it was just “holiday 2020” but nothing more specific.

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Won’t it be cool if we got MP public Beta on Nov 15th?

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