Goodbye Waypoint Forums

Tomorrow is the last day of the forums. I don’t know where Halo will go. I don’t know where you will go. I don’t even know where I will go. But wherever we may be, we can always look back at the memories we have had over the years.

Thank you everyone for all of your hard work, your creative concepts and your invaluable feedback. I hope that we all meet again soon. Don’t know where or when. But I know you’ll all be better people when we do. It’s been an honour serving with you soldiers. You have made my time on these forums for the last 11 years enjoyable.

See you on the other side, Spartans!!! This is the ODST from the 105th…

…signing off.


Honestly, I genuinely believe this move on 343’s end is gonna end real bad. Think about it. Name me one business, company, or studio, that only surrounded themselves with yesmen that didn’t end badly in one way or another.

Shutting down the forums in favor of a discord echo chamber is what’s gonna kill Halo. With Waypoint we’d have microtransactions in MCC right now, let that sink in.


If you want a new forum I’ve made one. Check the link in my profile. Hopefully some of us from here can migrate over so Halo still has a forum for it.

Still surprised myself that 343 has done this considering how easy it is to keep this place going to be honest.


I will reach over Xbox but I do want to share that I remember seeing your name in the first forum threads on the move from to Waypoint and the things you’ve contributed were amazing, both in correcting others to also just sharing general knowledge. I shared a list of Waypoint alternatives I hope you can come back around too before your departure, but it was an honor to Spartan or ODST, hope to see ya starside!

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I’ve been gone for a while and now i wake up to this. I’ve been on these forums since Reach and on through HALO 5. Such a sad way to see these forums go away. Seems like 343 is just not caring about the players and fans of this wonderful franchise. Does anyone know if there will be another HALO Forum? If not, my name is still the same as here people. See you starside.


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I’ve started my own Halo forum at Over the coming days it’ll have more updates. But it should be at least a nice alternative to this forum for the few that want another Halo forum to call home.


Why did you react with bait?

Bait? I am just saying my goodbyes. And my sad condolences. I don’t understand.

I bid you adieu.

Sorry I don’t remember doing that but I also can’t seem to undo it (also able to post lol?)

I did reach out over Xbox though my message should be in your requests!

You should be able to click the icon and unreact. Then relike it.

There is a cancel symbol over the bait emoji for me


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Okay so I just did some tests. It seems like the extra reactions are not removable, but you can still like and unlike things with the heart. That’s weird.

Well we can just say that it’s not bait, but instead you being Hooked by @ODST_from_105th moving message.