Goodbye, Boosts.

I’ve lost so many good boosts due to unfair circumstances, my most recent ones being bc I (sometimes) can’t play a game of WZ without my game crashing and it just eating my WZ RP/XP Boosts (it hurts a lot), and also, from losing a teammate in Arena from the beginning, just when you used a mission victory boost. Things that are out of your control shouldn’t affect your boosts, imo.

Yeah I lost my legendary rp boost in WZ because I lost connection some how…I didn’t even lose connection to XBL so yeah a waste indeed

Happens to me all the time too since my net gets shared a lot, but tonight by some miracle I managed to get back a legendary RP boost after lagging out of a game. I got to complete a match with it afterwards too

I’ve had it happen to me too… Fear not however, for if I am elected Halo President each and every Spartan will have enough boosts no only for him/her, but enough boosts for their families as well! I’m not just talking common boosts, but Rare and Legendary for the middle class of Spartan. MAKE HALO GREAT AGAIN!

I’ve only ever lagged out of a few games, and the last time I did, I lost a legendary boost :frowning:

I always get so damn scared to use an Ultra Rare or Legendary XP/RP boost for fear of losing connection or something else happening. It’s happened to me a few times before. You should really have those refunded to you because that’s just some -Yoink-.

I feel like 343 just doesnt want me to get a huge boost lol. Im not serious but the only times I lose connection are when I equip a legendary xp/rp boost

i mean as long as you didnt pay money for it i dont see why it matters. its only a boost. in arena its a couple hundred points which selling some of them get you get anyways. also i dont suggest using victory boost unless you know majority of the fireteam anyways.