Good work awards

After all we have done as fireteam Crimson why haven’t we gotten an awards ceremony.
MC and Johnson got one in H2
wouldn’t it of made sense for the best team aboard the infinity to get awarded for saving it TWICE and other countless marines/army/spartan soldiers.

I kind of get the feeling that what Crimson does which is a lot doesn’t really matter to lore. What we should do in spartan ops should be rivaling what MC does in campaign. Hopefully not better because then it would take away the spark of MC but Crimson needs to be the team at the front being awarded for a job well done.

crimson has saved a few important people but honestly they havnt done anything compared to: escaping reach, discovering a new alien race/artifact/world, blowing up an entire covenant armada, and living to tell the tale. not to mention the things chief did between Halo ce and Halo 2.

So they just escape requiem, start studying the artifact and you already want an awards ceremony?

MC and Johnson did the following-

-Blow up a Halo ring therefore stooping the Covenant form activating it and destroying the universe.

-Retrieved priceless Forerunner and Covenant tech

-Destroyed the first Covenant invasion fleet

-Stopped the Covenant from retrieving a Forerunner Artifact which controlled time and space.

Seems like they deserved it more to me. Crimson stopped the Covenant from receiving forerunner artifacts. Not as big as what Johnson and MC. If they had killed Jul, sure, because then the mission would’ve been 100% successful. But they didn’t, they did what they could and that was good enough.

Only way that’d happen is if it were in-game. Spartan Ops Epilogue consisted of CGI, in which unique Spartans cannot be depicted.

I was kind of hoping we would see our Spartans in an in-game cut scene similar to the throne room scene at the end of Star Wars Episode 4:A New Hope.

I’m sure that crimson will get a promotion promotion or something for what they done on Requiem.