Good things about Reach

This is a general discussion about Reach. I figured that since it is a combination of both campaign and multiplayer, it would go in this forum.
Ever since the game came out, people have been complaining about the game. The Reach forum on has been lost because of this.
I am a Reach supporter. I find no severe canon issues (any “errors” are simple retcon), the bloom is not a big deal, and the same goes for armor lock (though I would prefer an overshield armor ability over armor lock anyday.)
So, please reply with all the things you like about Halo: Reach. Or just reply with all the things you don’t hate about Reach.

I love fighting the elite AI I think they did a really good job with all of the covie AI :slight_smile:

Forge 2.0 was genius, I have never before seen such cool maps in Halo made before this baby arrived and with the old forge noone really wanted to deal with the frustration of forge, but now everyone can do it easily.

Infection playlist that is all

the AR makes funny noises when you shoot it

Firefight Arcade and…Ya that’s all I got.

I love the way the Elites look. I wasn’t really all that much of an Elite fan in H3, especially the armor. I absolutely hated the Elites in mulitplayer back in Halo 3. Now I find the Halo Reach elites to be amazingly bad–Yoink- looking. Though the Field Marshall armor is was made by some lazy guy at Bungie. The Spec Ops elite.

I love the DMR. I really became bored with the BR and how people spammed it all the time. Add in the bloom, and it’s perfect.

I’m a fan of the armor abilities. There is nothing more satisfying than sniping somebody and the grunt birthday part effect occurs.

Thank you Bungie for Forge World and phased Forge Objects. Hopefully 343 will add in a weather system for Halo 4 Forge.

Firefight Arcade and Firefight as a playlist is awesome. ODST Firefight was cool but terrible lag.

I love the fact that we finally get to see the Spartan-IIIs and Reach in a game (well Reach was in H2.) The return of the Pillar of Autumn brought back memories.

Who doesn’t love the Magnum? Or would you prefer the Halo 3 magnum?

> Infection playlist that is all

It was a good idea but they need to improve on it by putting some tailor-made infection maps on the playlist.

Forge, custom options

> > Infection playlist that is all
> It was a good idea but they need to improve on it by putting some tailor-made infection maps on the playlist.

I agree the playlist does need to be inproved now. A few things they need to fix in it are
new maps
stop people from killing each other (pisses me off)
I hate how when enough people quit on the zombie side a human is instantly picked to be a zombie.
The amount of ammo and the amount of time you need to play is not even. Unless you hide most of the time and time your shots.
Other wise everything else to me is fine.
Also I like the elites in this game like someone else said. (staying on topic :D)

Forklifts, Moa, Bobs, Falcons (I hate Hornets now.), Assassinations, Invasion, Rocket Hog, Blood Gulch remake (anybody who hates that doesn’t deserve to play Halo.)

actually there were major canon issues with the campaign but i grited my teeth on that and enjoyed it, the issue was that noble team was composed of spartan 3s and spartan 3s didnt exist until after reach and was formed on the planent Onyx. but yeah i like reach im not hating on it.

The visuals rock.
The gameplay is all out fun in the campaign. (Spaaaace)
Redone Forge, and Theater (which you can finally REWIND).
Infection playlist!!!
I like the ranking system in Reach, say what you want. :wink:
The armor for Spartans and Elites and the level of customizing.

Forge 2.0, Firefight 2.0, and customizable armor.

Everything else can burn.



Good things about Reach? I got this! Umm… let’s see… Good things about Reach… This might take awhile… uhh… Hmm… I don’t know… Oh wait! No… Nevermind. Good things… Reach… Uhh… Forge?

  • Netcode.
  • Active Roster.
  • Enhanced Forge options.
  • Being able to spawn with every weapon in Custom Games.
  • File Browser.

Beautifully balanced Campaign (but is only truly challenging when on Legendary and you have some skulls activated) with a great story that ties in well with the rest of the canon

Largely improved and better balanced weapons compared to Halo 3

Addition of the Falcon

Fully customisable armor that applies to all game variations including campaign

Introduction of credit system

Further development of Firefight

Armor abilities (still need a bit of work though)

Return of Elites

Improved Graphics

Better Forge.


Forge and Firefight. Now if we could only use Forge to make new firefight maps!

> Forge and Firefight. Now if we could only use Forge to make new firefight maps!

Thats actually an excellent idea, but I imagine it would be very difficult to make it work :confused: