Good songs to matchmake to?

Hey, am looking to set up a playlist to play FPS games to - in particular halo infinite.

Some examples:
Foo fighters - the pretender
Arcane LOL - dynasties and dystopia
Fearbound - desolate

Any suggestions?

Edit: great stuff so far, have added it to the list

The Halo theme song. Never fails to hype me up.


The H2A soundtrack in conjunction with the Doom 2016 soundtrack and then the Skyrim main theme are the best in the industry.


I’m after stuff to kill to - doom soundtrack is a killer. Cheers

Drowning pool - bodies

sounds kinda fitting. Doom soundtrack is awesome.

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Speed Running Satanism with Black Metal and German -Yoink!- by JNNY COBRA always gets me in the mood if you have a good bass system. And yes that’s the actual title of the song lol

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If you switch to Campaign credits you get an in-game dose of Halo music while you wait for your next match!

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stone by alice in chains. the baselineeeeeee

2WEI-Ready for War

But that’s mostly I recommend because I mostly listen to Assassins Creed, Doom or Resident Evil music


Lonely by Akon because Infinite discourages playing with friends.

Really good options in here so far, cheers everyone

Kickstart my heart - Dance With the Dead
Turbo Killer - Carpenter Brut

I use Phonk playlist from Spotify

I would looke up the soundtrack to Arcane, specifially Snakes, Dynasties and Dystopia, and Misfit Toys.

You should also just watch Arcane if you havent yet lol

Edit: Just realized you already had dynasties and dystopia. Oop

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Got motley crue, couldn’t find one on Spotify by that band

I sometimes run the Hades soundtrack.

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Most of that’s a bit slow…but there are some belters in there

My bad, I always forget that some songs are only available on soundcloud/youtube :sweat_smile:

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Ever since Halo 2, I’ve felt most Breaking Benjamin songs work well


I like them for the rhythm and the length (usually 6+ minutes). But yeah the faster stuff is usually better.

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