Good question???!!!

Would anybody be interested if i posted my own halo fan fictions on here?

Do it! Do it! xD

People have done it before. I like watching/reading them anyway. And I’m sure that others do too.

if you call the thread fan fiction thread then maybe

I say… GO FOR IT!!! Just maker sure you laabel it “fan fiction” somewhere in your post

Will do guys. I’ve got some good fan fictions that i think you’d all like. Post it tomorrow!

Yes, fan fictions are cool. I’ve been writing one too. Actually many, but I haven’t finished them. The one im writing right now is halo vs star wars. Basicaly, the forerunners come in the star wars universe with 4 ships.

If you do it then I can’t wait to read it. Fan fics are one of the main reasons the community makes halo what it is to me.

This is a story of a young man who couldnt see that becomes a spartan and soon after…lost his arms and legs and became deaf;this is how he saves the world.