Good Players' Opinions on Game Mechanics

I’m interested in determining what good players have to say about certain game mechanics and other systems that may be in place for Halo 4. While everyone is welcome to participate in the thread, and share their valued opinion, please tell me if you meet one of the listed arbitrary criteria so I can see the collected opinions of very talented players.

> Please let me know if you meet one of these criteria:
> -Single Digit Onyx Season 1
> -Multiple 1% Onyx Placements
> -Top 48 at any MLG event
> -1.5+ K/D in MLG with 500+ games played
> -75%+ win percentage in MLG with 500+ games played
> -5+ Halo 3 50s earned before Reach’s release

Feel free to copy paste the following mechanics I’m interested in learning about:
Other AAs:
Conic Spread:
Single Shot/Burst:

1-50/Arena/No Visual Ranking:
Party Restrictions:

Everyone feel free to share your opinion and comment on others. I’m going to do my best to remain neutral on the subject so I can gather unbiased information.

I am not worthy :frowning:

“Unbiased information” would be accepting input from all members of the community. While I understand what you’re trying to accomplish, this thread is going to turn into a stat flame/bash. Maybe not intentionally or by you, but this isn’t something that will help foster the community in a good way.

We want to build each other up, not tear each other down. If you can come up with a way of asking your question without it being an open invitation to stat flame then feel free to repost okay?

Thanks for understanding. :slight_smile: