Good players for MCC

Hello everyone,

First off, I am not interested in joining any clans, gaming communities, cults, or some other organization on Halo. If you are going to try and recruit me for any of those reasons, don’t do it. I’m not interested whatsoever.

What I am hoping to do is add some people who are good/very good at MCC in both slayer and objective gametypes. I would prefer to add people who have high K/D and high W/L ratios, but it’s not mandatory. I play Halo 4 more than any other multiplayer with Halo 2: Anniversary following up in second. I will play Halo: CE and Halo 2 classic, but I do not like Halo 3’s multiplayer so if you were thinking about adding me in order to play Halo 3, don’t do it because I will never vote for Halo 3 and will most likely complain the whole time.

Don’t worry though, I’m friendly, nineteen, and respectful. You shouldn’t have any problems getting along with me unless you just want to pick a fight. Then we might have a problem. lol

Anyways, feel free to check my Waypoint profile in case you want to see my K/D, W/L, and other statistics before notifying me. Also feel free to message me (my gamertag is the same as my profile, Spartan I043), or reply right here. Looking forward to meeting new people and playing some MCC!