Good players being nerfed

Been grinding Bot Bootcamp and keep noticing my accuracy is always around the 50% mark, even though 90% of my shots show hit markers. With the Sidekick, it’s usually a 7-shot kill, but it takes me a full magazine plus 1 or 2 more shots to kill a Bot. With the BR, it’s a 4-shot kill, but it takes me 8 or more shots. That tells me that half my shots are deliberately nerfed, or there is such a lag that half my shots aren’t registering. Maybe this is part of the desync problem?

As for the other multiplayer game modes, I still refuse to play any ranked game because of all the cheaters. I know I’m a good shot and fairly accurate, as stated in the paragraph above, but holy hell, the cheaters kill you before you even see them. On a game of Quick Play (accidentally loaded that), I got into cover in a trench. No one would have known I was down there because there was no line of sight to spot me, yet here comes this kid in a Ghost who boosted right into me as I was making my way into a room. The only way he would have known I was there was if he was using the ‘Walls’ cheat and his reticle was tracking me. It’s so bad that my friends and I would rather play Halo 5 multiplayer than Infinite’s, or not play anything altogether. I see them in my friends list and can see they’re watching Netflix, Youtube, or playing other games when it was they who couldn’t wait till Infinite was released. They only lasted about a month before they lost interest in playing, due to the aforementioned cheating, and nerfing of good players who can’t rank up even with many wins. I, myself, ranked Gold 6 (which is B.S., because I was being nerfed), but couldn’t rank up to Platinum even after several more wins thereafter. Finally gave up after encountering cheaters, quitting out, and deranking to Gold 5. It’s so easy for 343 to punish honest players and deranking them for leaving games in frustration, but because they decided not to do a -Yoink!- thing about the cheaters, that just turned me and my friends off from playing.

And speaking of the Ghost (and Banshee), why can’t I boost or do maneuvers using the Elite 2 controller. I played through the campaign twice and have tried every button, trigger, and paddle to speed boost, or take evasive maneuvers, to no avail. As for the campaign, I played through it twice, like I said, and I find it really boring after awhile. I got all the audio logs, artifacts, propaganda towers, bosses, etc., and just flying around the map in the Wasp, I notice the enemies you kill in one area will respawn a minute later if you leave the area and then go back. I can’t tell you how many times I had to kill the 2 Red Hunters where a skull can be found inside a hollowed out tree trunk with a bunch of Marine helmets. I’ve played Halo CE’s ‘Assault on the Control Room’ map more than a couple thousand times since it first came out, and am still finding new ways to play through the map. I find Infinite’s campaign repetitive and extremely boring, and I still won’t play it again until a patch is released where I can play each level independently so I can find the last 3 skulls I’m still missing, and not lose any of my spartan cores, lockers, propaganda towers, boss kills, skulls, audio logs, etc.

As for Halo MCC, I don’t know what 343 did to the aim in Halo CE, but I can’t move my reticle with precise, minute movements anymore. Whereas I used to be able to scope in with the sniper rifle, rockets, and pistol and precisely move my reticle, now I can’t. It doesn’t even move in the diagonal directions I’m pushing the thumbstick; the reticle either goes straight horizontal or vertical. It’s so fed up and I can’t stand it. I have to flick my thumbstick in order to get it to move just a hair, and even then, it usually goes too far. As for the achievements in MCC, I really couldn’t give a flying f about them. I just want the movement to go back to the last update before it got all f***ed up. Just stop with the -Yoink!- updates. I’d rather play it offline anyway.

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Nerfing good players is something that is done in a few other shooters.

You are a long-time player of the game?
Typically the devs response to that is “Your settings are going to be fine, but the newbies? We are going to give them a slight damage buff for a while, just so they don’t get mad at the game.”

It is a method that ensures that newer players don’t get pushed away because long-time players know map layouts and peak weapon-kits.

Pretty sure this isn’t a thing whatsoever, it’s just desync.

Played almost 400 matches and my BR has been a 4-shot since day 1. Good players aren’t being “nerfed.” For reference, my KD in Team Slayer is almost 2.0 and I regularly get paired up against players that are far below my skill level, and I have no issues mopping them up and getting 20+ kills in a game. I’ve also watched videos of players who are high Onyx rank with 4.0 KDs having no issues getting 4-shot kills in Social modes.

This is anecdotal evidence that has no bearing on the actual gameplay whatsoever.