Good Player Looking For Good Team/Clan

  • Playstyle: Passive/Agressive. Very accurate with both DMR and BR.

  • Time Zone: GMT + 2:00

  • What am I hoping to get from a clan/team/homie: Someone who is down to earth that I can holler at and play some Halo with.

  • ASL: 19 years old, man, Norway. Don’t be fooled by where I come from tho, my English isn’t -Yoink- or anything like that. I don’t have alot of people to play Halo with these days since most people I’ve been playing with either got sick of it, or just aren’t around to play when I do.

I’m cool to play with whoever as long as you ain’t some 14-15 year old kid, because then I’d boubt that we have much in common. And that you don’t completely suck ofc.

My KD is somewhere over 2.0. (For those who care about those things)

Been playing casually since Halo 1, but didn’t really start playing “seriously” untill Halo 3.

I usually win when I play with someone, unless we meet some really sweaty -Yoink-.

If you are a cool guy, who wants to pass the J. Talk some -Yoink- and drop some bombs in Halo. Holler at me.

GT: Logic G

You sound like a perfe t fit for The Black List. We are a military based clan and we have a ranking and point system. You also sound like you’d be a perfect online friend for one of my other friends. If you’re interested message me on xbox live and ill get back to you in 24 hours. Thanks!

Hey, I’m currently looking for a team/clan as well. No luck thus far due to ridiculous “military” ranking systems and relentless “tryout” sessions. If you want to add me we can play some scrap together sometime. I posted a thread a while back with my info and crap on it. If you’re interested than toss me a friend request.

How bout joining my clan, Federation Lords?
We are small and new but are looking for members who have a mic and halo 4
Yes we are military ranked, but we still like to keep it cool!
Just a halo 4 service tag and emblem change. No xbox gamertag change! Not even needed to rank up!

If you want you can join CPG. We have a ranking system that is military based but ranking up is based on how much you do for the clan, as well as being respectful and chill. We don’t require a name change for the clan, one of our leaders doesn’t have a name change. There is no tryout to be in our clan if you want in your in. The only thing that needs a little tweaking is motto and bio but that seems standard for clans nowadays.