Good People and possibly A clan

Ok so ive played halo3 not religiously like some people and im excited i get to start in halo reach while everyones new to it well i just got my own xbox and im looking for some fun people to play with have fun, do some events like pistol wars and ect. just have a blast i like playing with people on a reg bases its more fun then random unknow people lol so if your intrested please add me and send a message.

On another note i want to try to come up with my first very own clan ive been in one or two be they were dumb. looking for good players to play teamdeath match so id stop loosing because some person keeps betraying our team, jumping off the ledge or what have you. Looking for people who work well with others and i can count on i will try to host regular fun events

  • Sniping fest
  • races
  • ect idk ill come up with stuff lol
    and hopefully we can each learn somethings here and there from each other let me know if your intrested via msg on xbox


You should check out the Customs Clan.

Sounds like something you’d be interested in. We play every Friday night at 9:30pm EDT(or Saturdays at 2pm EDT for European players.)

Its a great way to jump online, play some of your custom maps, gametypes, etc. and make some friends.

We’ve had everyone from random kids to Bungie employees playing, so you get a wide variety of players.

Something to think about. :slight_smile:

so thats like what in central time lol
about 1130?

sounds like fun, hit me up on live if you want to play some games =)

GT: Pedjoni