Good News and Bad News

The good news is that most of the complaints seem to be cosmetic based, which means that the gameplay is pretty solid. The bad news is that there are still some problems that are being talked about, especially with challenges, and people aren’t exactly happy with store prices. I think that its turning out alright if you look at it.


In the grand scheme of things, you’re right and I do think gameplay overall is positive. But the game still has a way to go before feeling like a launch-able Halo title like we’ve seen previously.

I also think it’s important to note that customisation within Halo is a massive thing and getting something like that wrong speaks volumes on how much 343i have messed up.


We all know, 343 knows, even my cat knows :cat2: I just enjoy the game as gameplay is pretty solid, don’t have need for thousands of different cosmetics, it’s not like I see my spartan in game, apart from the menu, and don’t usually live long enough to admire anyone else’s spartan customisations.


Preach, they have got the most important right. People haven’t played Halo regularly for the past 20 years because of cosmetics. The gameplay is the most important part.

They’ve managed to capture the beauty of Halo 3, fun for casual and fun for competitive. There’s some things that need fixing, ranked starting 4v4, quickplay being a little too hardcore for some players (maybe it should be 5v5 to increase chaos on the map).

I never understood why people say this. It’s nothing like halo 3.


It is pretty similar to halo 3, at least in the pace of combat and gameplay.

“fun for casual and competitive”

I could just as easily say it has captured the beauty of rocket league.

Halo 3 is used as the example because it was the last Halo game to have a good balance of ranked/social play and arguably the best to do it in the franchise.

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It is not in the slightest. I can’t think of anything that would make someone think that except for something like the equipment, which is totally different from halo 3’s anyway.

Hmm. Even then it’s not really true. Halo infinite is more similar to halo 5 than 3. It’s ttk is fast, weapon accuracy is pinpoint, bloom makes things much sweater, the sandbox is oriented around making all weapons lethal so now you never have any leisure, reticles are small making things very hard to hit, recoil for most weapons is the norm, movement speeds are insanely fast etc etc.

Some of these things are not problems themselves but can become problems when paired with others. If infinite would have dumbed down bloom and increased reticle sizes I would mostly agree with you, but this along with the movement speed makes things much harder, even in quickplay.

That has been, and always will be. So yes, we’re in a good place.

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Like Hel it is. The over-emphasis on MLG/HCS (the dedicated paid skins are evidence to it as well) absolutely killed any experience to be had for Casual and Casual Competitive players. MLG playstyle has become the baseline experience, rather than sticking to their tailored corner. It’s taken Thanksgiving Football with the Family and forced them to adhere to NFL rules and standards. It needs to change, or the only population is going to be the “pros”.

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Big team battle is the best it has ever been for casual players and epic crazy moments.

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Certainly catches that 1 second you kill someone then randomly you get betrayed by a team players warthog :joy: Halo 3 feel

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Yeah, as a casual player, no it’s not. I can’t believe I’m taking up this stance, but Halo 3 had a far better BTB balance for weapons and vehicles, which made things more fun. The maps in Halo Infinite are too cluttered and restraining for larger vehicles, and flying vehicles are now a huge neon sign saying "KILL ME HERE!!!"


mhmm core gameplay while having some issues here and there is all round very solid the stuff that is being complained about have fixes either on the way or are begin designed the store that is a all other beast that would be harder to deal with

Personally, while the customization and the whole money scheme is pretty terrible, I think there are some glaring gameplay issues that are bigger problems. Lack of a viable radar, no grenade indicators, people able to use armor coatings that are the same color as the other team’s UI color and no setting to change this… there’s lots of clarity issues, and that’s not to mention vehicle physics, server tick rate, and more buggy areas of the game they haven’t addressed yet.