Good idea for Halo Wars 2 unit customization

  • In Halo Wars 1**,** there was the flaming warthog that you got for pre-ordering the game which most people loved. So I think that it would be cool to see vehicles with small designs on them that are optional to the player. - For example, in Halo 5 there are warthogs with camouflages such as the urban warthog. They’re a small feature that adds to the game, I would be willing to pay micro transactions to get them, but it would be nice to be able to unlock them threw progression as well. - Finally, I would like to thank Creative Assemble, 343in, and Microsoft for making my new favorite game for Xbox One/ Windows 10. Thank You!

There was a similar discussion a few weeks ago regarding customization where a bunch of people (including myself) came to the conclusion that premade decals and/or camoflage patterns would be the only viable form of customization as anything else would interfere with team colors and such.

The vehicles secondary colors could be different colors.
for example: the wraith’s secondary color is silver, it could be changed without interfering with the team color. Also, warthogs have grey for their second color that can be changed.

Sounds great