Good connection searching

How is it 2022 and we still don’t have an option to search only in our own region if we choose to. Halo 3 had this option and its 15 years old. I’m trying so hard to like this game and I do when it works but that’s about 20% of the time. How am I supposed to win games in ranked when I’m playing on 230 ping? It’s ridiculous and I’m very close to just quitting the game altogether because why would I bother trying to get good at a game where I’m at a complete disadvantage all the time. It’s either incompetence or a complete lack of care for other regions outside the US. I have to resort to making smurf accounts to have fun because all I do on my main is lose CSR because of server issues. Please fix this. DON"T REGION LOCK US EITHER. Give us the option to turn it off and on.