Good connection = Multiple disconnects and a ban?

So I was playing Warzone and we were about halfway to victory when Guardians decided to boot me back to the lobby. I was pretty mad seeing as I was actually managing to do well and not having to fight rubber banding for once, so I started the search again, only to be thrown back into a different game, just to be thrown out seconds later. This happened three times in a row, and I know it’s not my connection because every other game and device has been running optimally without a hitch at all.
If someone could explain to me why I’m being punished because Guardians is either A) Playing up for everyone or B) Putting me in games I’m bound to disconnect from, that’d be great.
The fact that I put up with being dumped into games half the time where I get jerked around or have a solid second delay when my buddy who lives down the street with the same connection doesn’t experience any of these issues is beyond me.
The fact that I was banned for being disconnected and that the REQs and boosts I used have also vanished like I’m a quitter is also pretty bloody infuriating.

TL;DR: Connectivity issues, resulting in a ban and lost progress/lost REQs.

I have dug into this forum and FOUND NO RESPONSE FROM THE FORUM TEAM. I have taken this up now with Xbox live support and Twitter.

FYI your ban times will increase and you will be banned for every offense now that you are on the auto bannhammer radar.

Just happened to me on Swat. Kicked out of 3 games and now I’m banned.


Literally just happened again and the ban message says I’ve been banned for poor connection to the dedicated servers. I bought an Xbox one for this crap?

Xbox Support just told me to call 343.

I’m glad I’m not the only one!
Seriously, considering 343i’s father branch is Microsoft, and we all pay a subscription for Live, things like this should seriously just not happen.
Hell, I’ve played free-to-play games that track your progress if you disconnect, meaning you recieve rewards regardless of whether or not you disconnect. I fully understand punishing players who intentionally leave the game by not giving them EXP or REQ points, but when my connection is near perfect for the majority of the time, and never EVER leaving a game even if my team is getting thrashed, I expect some form of response or action to rectify the problem.
The most saddening thing is there aren’t any error messages or anything to tell me why I’ve been disconnected, and not to mention no direct support link to get in touch with the team and sort it out with them personally. This game is a part of a multi-million if not billion dollar franchise and corperation, yet they lack (in my opinion) basic customer service except for a community forum, which no doubt everyone and their dog who has a problem will post in, and recieve no response due to the flooding of requests for help.

I’ll be bumping this forum daily until the problem is rectified, so if you’re reading this and have or are having similair issues, stay tuned.

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> Xbox Support just told me to call 343.

Surely not.
How many damn gaming companies do you have to call in this day and age?
I mean for Christ’s sake, I would say nearly every other game, even ones that aren’t AAA titles have online support where you get a ticket for your claim, why should we have to take time out of our day to call them up and no doubt put on hold when it’s an issue on their end?
Annoying :angry:

I can’t find a way to contact them other than the forums but obviously that does no good. What irritates me the most is the ban message I get. It literally says I’ve been banned for having a poor connection. 1. I don’t have a poor connection and 2. I’m being blocked from a paying service for THEIR server problems. Ludicrous.

Yeah, I would LOVE to contact 343. Too bad I can’t find any way to do so. I don’t think the forums really count when there are several threads on this issue that are 45+ and 50+ pages each. Gah, so frustrating!

It’s all on 343’s side. I get bumped from halo and go play 2 other games, zero issues. It’s not XBL being the problem.

Bumpity bump!
So bloody painful that it’s only Halo 5, like what the hell have they done to break it so badly for a select few people?