Good, but not perfect.

Alright. So, the gameplay itself is REALLY solid. it’s not perfect, however. The Arena side of multiplayer has a few issues, the biggest ones, being the motion tracker being too small, the grenade spam and damage being out of control and the magnum being too good. My solutions?

Increase motion tracker range back to 25 meters, force all players to spawn with one grenade in all arena modes and slow down that rate of fire on the magnum. I’ve been killed by that thing too many times where my AR should have finished someone off.

My other big gripe is the lack of playlist variety and game modes in general. The inclusion of Breakout in the Team Arena playlist is ridiculous as well. That mode requires a team of players to be synchronized and communicating constantly. CTF and strongholds do not. Keep Breakout in its own playlist and give us some unranked social playlists. We need more modes. I know BTB is coming but where’s Infection? Where’s Oddball? Where’s Griffball? Where’s Headhunter? Normal Assault? Hell, I’ll take Ricochet and Stockpile!

Warzone on the other hand seems like it should be more lax and casual right? Nope. If you go up against a team where just half is actively communicating and coordinating then you get stomped into the dirt. But you can take the core if you’re losing right? I’ve seen this happen ONCE and only ONCE. It’s stupidly difficult to capture enemy bases if you’re getting stomped.You might say, just grab the one they’re not all spawning at right? Nope. if the enemy holds the middle base they can effectively pin you in your armory and home bases and swarm backwards to their own armory if they need to. March on Stormbreak specifically should not have a 150 point boss spawn at the beginning of the match either. Warzone effectively becomes “the team who controls the middle base wins”. Warzone assault is also awful. It’s basically a montage of watching yourself spawn and die over and over again. Players/Teams should also get points for the amount of damage they do to a boss, not the player who deals the killing blow. The player who deals out the kill should get bonus points however.

The game overall seems to have an issue with spawning you in an enemy player’s line of sight as well. The motion tracker being as small as it is makes it difficult to make sure you’re safe when you spawn also. Most of the time you don’t even have the chance to look.

I very much agree with mostly everything you’ve said. The Magnum is quite powerful in the right hands, but it’s basically the only choice for a precision secondary weapon. Lowering the rate of fire might (or might not) make it useless. I’m not sure. The Magnum is harder to control than most other weapons, but in steady hands it can be deadly.
As for bosses, points should definitely be awarded for damage dealt. I’m tired of slowly whittling away at that massive health bar only for someone else to pop off a headshot at the very last moment and take the points for his team. I still believe the final kill should award points as well.

My biggest issue is the high frame rate. It makes the multiplayer feel very much in the uncanny valley. Textures and images just look like uprezzed ‘Goldeneye’ 64 maps. Plus it makes aiming rather difficult I find. I don’t like that they dropped local support for this. I feel it really lacks and grit or weight. Everything seems too polished and clean.