Good AR advice/loadout?

Hello, I’m trying to get the Assault Rifle mastery and I’m wondering what’s the best loadout out there, since I’ve come across people who’s AR literally melt me… Any advice or complete loadout you may suggest?
As always, thank you :wink:

Ah yes… the all powerful Assault Rifle. It’s a pretty good weapon for more of the closer quarters, but it’s range is decent for an automatic.

  • So the loadout that I personally have it in contains the ‘Dexterity’ perk. With an AR, it’s amazing. If you haven’t already, add Dexterity. DO IT.
  • If don’t have the Firepower perk as well, limit your playlists to smaller matches. I don’t want to be the guy who’s like “DO DIS NOT DAT PERIOD”, so I’ll add some alternatives. Salvage whatever longer-range weapons you can from the battle field. That or use the Magnum as your secondary.
  • Since the AR isn’t all that great at long range, it’s not the best weapon of choice for facing off a vehicle, so throw in some Plasma grenades into the mix.
  • Now I mentioned Firepower earlier, and it works well. Though many might want something else other than that, it proves effective for playing bigger maps with an automatic wep. Personally, the DMR works best, especially combined with that Dexterity upgrade. Any precision gun could work really, but remember, this is just my opinion.
  • Also, the “Hivemind” gametype in Flood limits the survivors to an Assault Rifle and pistol, and Flood kills are relatively easy to grab…if you’re not ambushed first.

So there you have it. Tips from a complete newb on how to master the favorite weapon of the Master Chief himself. Hope this helps!

I like the AR and would use it more often but I feel outside of it’s optimal range it is pretty useless. It may be decently powered at mid range, but you’ll still lose out to every other non automatic. I just don’t like using such a limited weapon.

Therefore your best bet would be to use it against opponents using the automatic rifles or much easier, play Flood. I’m not fully filled in with the new Flood update but I’m pretty sure the new Last Stand gametype is AR starts. Pretty much avoid the Flood gametype and just vote Hivemind and Last Stand. The games will be relativly quick and as a decent player you should be able to get a minimum of 5 kills per round at the very least. Depends on both your skill as a player and luck tbh. If you are above average, you may be able to get 20+ per game.

Also if you do chose to try it outside of Flood, I would recommend the Ricochet playlist. There are plenty of noobs meaning you won’t be at a disadvantage against better players making kills easy. Also players tend to focus on the objective (the ball) as opposed to you as they would in Team Slayer.

Use Frag Grenades. They are not meant to kill but instead weaken and a nicely placed pre-nade will almost guarentee a free AR kill. Also do make sure you strafe. I see so many AR users who don’t strafe.

Like they said - it’s not so much the load-out, but the game-type. I’d add in FFA as a possibility. The maps are pretty small, and you can get a lot of clean-up kills with an AR. My favorite is to listen for gunfire, and then sweep in and kill both of them while they’ve taken each others shields down…

Have dexterity active and play team slayer or ricochet. I find that using AC in ricochet works well because people pay more attention to whoever has the ball than anyone else(I know using AC is noobish but it works). You shouldn’t need the ammo perk because a lot of people use the AR. Luckily, most aren’t very good at using it either which makes picking up ammo even easier.

> Hello, I’m trying to get the Assault Rifle mastery and I’m wondering what’s the best loadout out there, since I’ve come across people who’s AR literally melt me… Any advice or complete loadout you may suggest?
> As always, thank you :wink:

From my experience with automatic loadout weapons, I can offer this advice. It is your choice to use it.

-Utilize a loadout with the assault rifle that contains both the ‘Shielding’ upgrade and ‘Dexterity’ perk. This way, you can reload faster, giving you more opportunity to fire your weapon and take out opponents with such weapon. Also, your shields will recharge quicker, giving you a slightly better defensive advantage.
-Utilizing an Autosentry in your loadout as your armor ability as a distraction and advance indicator that an enemy is coming if you are the sneaky type. You might lose an AR kill to it every once in a while, but it is helpful in it’s own ways.
-Utilizing a Thruster Pack or Jet Pack in your loadout as your armor ability if you are more assault based. This way, you can evade fire and throw your enemies off for a bit. This can give you that extra time you need to finish them with the AR.
-Utilizing Pulse Grenades in your loadout. These things can eat enemy’s shields if utilized properly, allowing you to connect the finishing blow with the AR. You might lose an AR kill to the pulse grenade every once in a while, but it works for the most part.

As for gametypes, the following can help promote AR Kills:
-Mini Slayer in the Team Action Sack gametype
-Flood, Last Stand, or Hivemind in the Flood gametype
-Regicide in the Rumble Pit gametype

I hope that this helps you out with getting more out of your AR.

Don’t spray and pray. Short controlled bursts.