good and fun multiplayer but things that bother me


The gameplay is amazing loving it so far it really is about teamwork play and not just roaming solo. And the skill you need in halo 5 multiplayer beta is something i never experienced before in a other game the difficulty is much higher and i love it. From what i have heard the game graphics is gonna look close to the halo 4 CGI cinematics wich really makes me excited about the end game… keep up the good work !.

Things that might reach the game please take the time to concider atleast 1 or 2 of them.

32vs32 – the 4 vs 4 halo 5 beta gameplay is intens and fun imagine it on a bigger scale.

Invasion mode – It would be the such an amazing thing if you could let for example elites come dropping from the sky in the’re pods or spartans jumping out of a ship and using the’re jet packs to slowly land on the ground.

Armoury – Armoury is a huge thing for me in games and something that really bothered me in halo 4 was that the armour was to much of an alien design and the shoulder pieces wher really small showing to much skin, and i noticed in the halo 5 beta that ur using the same designs of armour wich halo 4 had could you please concider to add bigger shoulder pieces in the gameand showing less of the skin suit they have under the armour? :).

umm something about the hand pistol i noticed you only need to shoot about 3-4 bullets to kill someone and with the battle rifle you need to shoot a full magezine before the enemy is death im not sure if it supposed to be like that but just letting you know.

anyways that was it i’ll send you more feed back when i notice something hope you can add some of my ideas ingame gl ! 343 industries with making whats to become the best game of 2015.