Good alternatives for someone who liked Halo?

TL;DR : Disappointed in Halo 4. Would like to discuss on this thread.

Before I jump in: Halo 4 is a decent game. The side of me that likes video games and casual play with friends enjoys it enough. It is the side of me that grew up loving Halo specifically that is so disappointing with where things have gone. This thread is a rant from that point of view so if those kinds of things bother you then don’t feel obligated to read it. I hope this game does well regardless and I hope that gamers of all sorts can enjoy it.


So far I have been checking out Starcraft II, Tribes, and Counter Strike. Does anyone know of a game I might like if I liked Halo (Please don’t Say CoD or BF)? Because I am so disappointed with Halo 4. As far as I am concerned, the last thing Master Chief said, was “Wake me, when you need me.” And that epic moment marked the closing of the Halo canon, before 343i Yoink! the game up.

Here begins my rant:

This game is freaking terrible. I’ve already been credit banned from this game, which happened all the time in Reach too. I deserved it but didn’t really care. I got banned because after the first session I decided to just AFK so that I could unlock loadouts for my friends who play on Friday nights.

Hint: I win in BTB with 43 kills: 2200 credits. I AFK in BTB while watching Youtube: 1700 credits. Why will I waste my time when there is nothing competitive? There is NO map control because this game is overflowing with power weapons and labels. Also, there are very few good players, even in TS “Pro”. Just grab a rifle of choice ( I use the BR exclusively because it really doesn’t matter) and keep moving around the edge of the map like you would in CoD. If you keep moving then you will never die.

Let me also throw out there that I’m not that good. I can only get a 42 in Halo 3 TS, and yet I’m pulling off ridiculous snipes and quickscopes like I’m freaking Snip3down. This entire game has just been nerfed to the point that it is hardly recognized as Halo.

One more complaint: the map geometry blows. For anyone who likes practicing good routes and angles, there is virtually nothing for you. The Bounce Jump still works but practically everything that would be useful in the game is just painted onto the wall and cannot be interacted with by the player. That means no incredibly difficult and useful jumps (gold lift jump Guardian anyone?).


Here is a poorly edited list of things that I am also upset about. Hopefully as the day goes on this will be edited but feel free to skip it too. A lot of it came from other threads that I agreed with and saved in a text file with my own thoughts.

No campaign scoring and no campaign timer

The campaign, while fun, was UNDER 3 HOURS LONG!

No one talks anymore

Teamwork is non existent:
showing (random) weapons all over map discourages communication and coordinated pushes or tactics.

It just turns into a free-for-all camping mess:
Spawning instantly and universal sprint encourages this since there is virtually
no need for map control anymore. Instead you just keep moving around the edges of the map (like in CoD) and if you choose your fights well you survive to be buffed with Amazon-quality ordinance weapon shipping strait to your feet. Half of my (trying) deaths are from forgetting to pick up another weapon.

The “ranking and leveling” system discourages
my second game in Halo 4, before it had figured out any skill, I got 43 kills on Ragnarok on foot and earned about 2200 credits for that game (not counting the challenges I completed)Now I just sit there and do nothing in Big Team because I still get 1500 credits a game and playing is kind of boring. I’m just unlocking stuff so friends can choose more when they play on my Xbox.

“The “core game play” may still be Halo…but it has so much useless, out-of-place and unneeded crap bolted onto it now it might as well not be Halo.”

  • Paragon Fury, Master of Unicorns

My campaign time to beat the whole thing (with two tries on one level when I was disconnected from Live and had to restart) was 2:55:33. That seems a bit low to me for a flagship campaign.

The sniper is too easy to use. Something is wrong when a kid who couldn’t get past 42 in Halo 3 TS is getting 8 head shots per rifle.

The mantis on Ragnarok is a total !@#$%^&. The only way to effectively take it out is for a stupid driver to take it near cover where you can stun it and jump on top (because there is no way to get near it in the open, e.g. by turret). That’s how most of my games are lost because teammates constantly spawn and charge back to turret to fire off 5 bullets and die… over and over and over (not that I care about winning, since you all get credits because of the Yoink! “we’re all winners :):):):)” stuff).

“I would [agree it is like CoD] if they put in .3 second kill times, low jumping, slow movement, insta-kill nades, Sabre airstrikes, Pelican gunship strafe-runs, and game-ending Halo activation.”

  • CTK Evanescent
    PLEEEEASE don’t tempt them… I can see that happening in 5 or 6…

“I’m sorry but the story is not amazing, it didn’t even feel like Halo personally. I felt like I was playing in some Mass Effect side story. Halo was NEVER about some gravity-wielding mastermind hell bent on destroying humanity while the Master Chief, the “chosen one” was destined to save mankind.”
“I don’t know why they thought insta-spawn in Halo would be a good idea. Just blows my mind. I’ve literally died to someone in a DMR duel, spawned a few seconds from where I was killed, and shot them in the head before their shields were back up. -.-”

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play “see how much draino you can consume”

It sounds to me like you’re just THAT good. I understand your issue with the limited difference in credits between AFKing and actually playing, as well as the fact that people are still generously awarded when their team loses. I think they have to make some serious patches to the progression system.

I am happy they confirmed an actual skill-based ranking system to be active by the new year, and that they will be mixing up the hoppers weekly. That should alleviate some of your gripes to some extent. The ranking system should also give birth to more people playing competitively, so you may be challenged a bit more.

I agree the Campaign was short, and a little more theatrical than I had expected. I’m content though since we have Spartan Ops that still may resolve that… I’ll wait and see.

Yeah, I am definitely psyched for the release of a ranking system. I also really want to see more playlists added. I miss Snipers haha. Thanks for the thoughts though.