Gonna Uninstall

If there isn’t a very transparent extensive communication on Monday addressing everything I’m uninstalling the game.


They’ve already confirmed that their focus right now is fixing BTB and Desync, as well as working on anti-cheat improvements to release mid-February. They don’t need to give us information beyond that.

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I disagree. Not good enough.


We know what they are working on now, and when to expect it to be finished.

A roadmap for content additions would be nice, but chances are they want to fix what’s actually broken before they even think about fixing the superficial problems we have with the game (and they ARE superficial).

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Makes vague demands, has demands answered specifically according to the vague basis laid out, specific answers not good enough for the vague demands given.

Seems rational

BTB hotfix in certification right now, release mid next week if no issues arise. Also giving a release date of mid-February for anti-cheat improvements and fixes means they have high confidence they have solutions and can hit that timeline.

Everything else has to take a backseat on priority which means they have no idea what timelines they can give anything after that, as any other changes will be based off the fixed builds. Can’t really work in parallel, need to build upon what they are currently fixing and it is not completely known if they can reach their goal.

The shop prices should be easy to address, it shouldn’t be difficult to give updates on things, and those aren’t things the people working on the server and cheating problems would be focusing on.

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Addressing shop prices is not really that easy. It requires the community managers building a case to change it that can convince the financial department that it needs to be reduced. This would be going against the internal data and projected revenue models that we do not see. A community manager can’t comment or commit to a change if he is fighting a department that says “no” to change.

Chances are they have a pretty small team that is actually the “live team” focussed on addressing issues with the game in real-time. Everyone else is most likely hard at work crafting season 2 and all the changes we know we will have to wait until then to get (rework of progression system, coop, etc.)

Also, the issue with the store is more than just a current pricing issue. It’s the bundles in general. They are going to have to completely rework the store to separate the bundles and sell items individually. Not to mention they need to account for the eventual rework of coatings, since it’s only a matter of time before they relent and let us apply a single coating to whatever we want, instead of needing individual unlocks for each piece of gear.

Either way, there’s a priority list to follow: Fix what’s actually impeding gameplay first, then we can look at the store, customization, and getting some new game modes and other content for players.

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Monday is a Holiday. Don’t expect anything until middle of next week.

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Just read the brief update. Didn’t realise it was MLK day, fair enough. Hopefully much more is in the pipeline for the very near future because finally being able to play BTB - for literally no reason - isn’t good enough.

Kay, best of luck in future endeavors